Gorgeous Classical Music for Kids of All Ages

Since Super Hero has taken piano lessons, classical music is not new to him. In fact, aside from his own rehearsals and recitals, we have gone to concerts by the Miami Symphony Orchestra on quite a few occasions.  We do very much enjoy the gorgeous works of such inmortal classical composers.  That’s why we were eager to give Peter and the Wolf a try when the opportunity knocked.

maestro classics review peter and the wolf

What We Received

We received the Peter and the Wolf CD by Maestro Classics for free.  In exchange, I committed to deliver my thorough and honest review.  The CD retails for $ 16.98.

What to Expect

It is the first time we have had the chance to enjoy products by Maestro Classics. I have seen them around frequently in several of the homeschooling blogs I follow.  Each time, I would put the CD in the top of my ever-expanding wish list. Yet, invariable something more “pressing” would come along and steal its top spot.

Maestro Classics has produced an outstanding collection with the intention to introduce children to the beauty of classical music.  Their production is top notch. They use only professional, highly-accomplished musicians of the renowned London Philharmonic Orchestra.  So, right then and there, you just know this is a real piece of art, and a real treat for all who listen.

Russian Composer Sergei Prokofiev created this enduring classic at the time when much was happening in the world: 1936.   According to Maestro Classics’ there was much national pride during this time, and composers wanted to create music that sounded “very Russian.”  Faithful to the original intention, this CD features some pieces performed purely with Russian instruments: the domra, balalaika and the bayans.  Naturally, other instruments are used as well, and introduced one by one using characters for each. For example, a fresh and flirty flute piece represents the bird character.

The Peter and the Wolf CD runs for about 70 minutes, 68:16, to be exact. It’s contents are the following:

  • Introduction
  • Peter and the Wolf
  • About the Composer: Prokofiev
  • A Russian Peter
  • About the Music
  • Peter and the Wolf
  • Invitation to Grandfather’s Party
  • Kalinka

The CD comes in a colorful cardstock case with pockets and flaps, adorned with the theme’s artwork. A blurb about Bonnie Ward Simon and Stephen Simon, Maestro Classics’ founders, appears on one flap, and a booklet with bios, short descriptions, and activities such as dot-to-dot, fill in the blanks, crack the code, etc. in it’s pocket.

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Not content with producing this truly delightful CD, and the darling fun-activity-booklet, Maestro Classics, also offers a curriculum guide to accompany Peter and the Wolf.  Thus you can really delve into the history of the music, the instruments, and the musicians, using a more structured, yet child-friendly format.  A dedicated art curriculum guide is also found at their website.

They also have a handsome collection of titles, not just Peter and the Wolf. I’m positive you can find something to suit every taste and preference.


Have We Enjoyed This?

You bet! It’s impossible not to.  Even if you decide just to listen without doing any of the supplemental activities, this CD is a real treat.  Maestro Classics has succeeded in introducing the glory of classical music to children in a way that is age-appropriate, entertaining and fun, without diminishing its splendor. On the contrary, it enhances its appeal and majesty of it all.

The Nitty Gritty
  • Open and Go!
  • Easy Prep
  • Kid Approved
  • Fun
  • Quality
  • Pedagogy

In Super Hero's Own Words

It’s fun. It’s a good learning system, because you just have to listen and then do the activities in the booklet.
–Super Hero

A real gem! Absolutely delightful!


Want to Learn More?

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