Open Education Resources ~ Homeschool Middle School, High School (& Beyond)


Looking for a curriculum in math, social sciences, sciences? How about foreign languages? Look no more. Here’s a nice compilation of Open Educational Resources (OER) that contain pretty much anything a high schooler, and an advanced middle schooler would want to learn. Best of all, they’re all totally free!


Watch the video for a complete tour or just continue reading below 🙂


1. Open Learning Initiative

This is Carnegie Mellon University’s OER portal. These courses are of course geared to college students, but I really think they are totally appropriate for a high schooler.  This is true for all resources in this list.


2. Georgia Virtual Learning

This is not a university offering, rather, this comes for Georgia’s Department of Education. This boasts a nice elearning portal.  GAVirtualLearning actually has courses specifically designed for middle schoolers as well. Yay!


3. Open Course Library

Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges. These courses have been created under the Creative Commons license, so one is free to adapt, modify and share, as long as you provide due credit.  I do have to mention, everything has been stored in a Google Drive account, and accessing files is not very intuitive it seems. I suppose that once you pinpoint the particular files sequence, learning would be smooth… I hope!


4. Merlot II

Rather than offering courses themselves, this site is a curator of learning resources. There are materials here from all over the world, this means in many other languages as well. The strength of this site is the users get to review each resource, thus you’ll get an immediate feel of what each course is all about.


5. OpenStax College

This comes from Rice University. Sharing of textbooks is what this site is all about. There are books about Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Calculus, etc. You can use the textbook online for free, or you can download it for free, or buy a printed copy at a reasonable price.


So there you have it. My Open Educational Resources compilation. I’m sure as soon as I hit “publish” I’ll find more stuff.  But rest assured I’ll be sharing those too!  If you know of anything that can be added to this list, please share them with us!

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