french verb conjugation kids printable

I created this simple, yet very effective, hands-on conjugation sheet for first group French verbs. I included a few of the most popular verbs.  I found many worksheets online with the same model, they looked fun, but they were huge. I suppose that would work perfectly in a classroom setting. Here at home, this letter sized printable’s handy dandy. Quick, easy, and gets the job done. What can be better? Super Hero’s willing to use and reuse anything that will vary him from writing things down. This simple activity fits the bill, and allows him to visualize the conjugation at the same time. If you use it, I hope it will bring enthusiasm to your verbs, which could be rather dry with the traditional approach.

hands on french conjugation first group verbs

If you’re interested in French learning materials for children, make sure you follow my Pinterest board. I’ve been putting all sorts of fun goodies in there. I particularly like items that are made by French teachers in France, Canada, or any francophone country. I mean, the stuff teachers use to teach French to native French kids.  Of course, those teachers sites –quite wonderful sites, I might add– offer many things Super Hero couldn’t use just yet.  No worries, I pick and choose only the usable or very adaptable goods.
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So, without further ado, here’s the printable so you may download if you wish:

Download Verbes Premier Groupe Conjugaison

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