The New York State Canal System

A marvel of engineering without an engineer? Sounds like an impossibility, yet this appears to be exactly what happened during the construction of one of America’s most renowned engineering marvels of its time: The New York State Canal System.

It took the muscle power of men and horses eight years to build the Erie Canal. Although it is considered the engineering marvel of its time, not a single professional engineer was involved.  The Waterford Flight is a series of five locks where boats are lifted and lowered the greatest height in the shortest distance of any canal in the world.

—–The New York State Canal Corporation

The New York State Canal System History

To read up a bit of history on the New York Canal System, you may like to visit the New York State’s website:  You might like to download an additional PDF pamphlet with a more detailed account of the New York State Canal’s history. This is definitely not for the very young. In fact, this may be only for your family’s history buff; or for older students like high schoolers or above.  Eager middle schoolers might enjoy it as well.
But you’re here to download the New York State Canal System free activity book for young children, so please click on the image or link below:

Enjoy the free activity book!

Happy geography and history learning! We do love both of these subjects here at our homeschool 😉

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