American Revolution Lapbook and Unit Study

Following on our American History theme, I’m sharing yet another fabulous resource from “Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool”. Tina shares loads of extraordinary resources, most of them free.  This special unit study and lapbook focuses on the American Revolution, ideal to go along any American History curriculum you may be following.

free american revolution unit study lapbook homeschool


Here’s one of the many screenshots you’ll find at Tina’s blog.

american revolution unit study and lapbook
American Revolution 1775 – 1783. Free American Revolution lapbook & unit study. After the French and Indian War peace came to the 13 Colonies.Hands on history.

Download American Revolution 1775 – 1783

Well, I’m sure you will agree this is an extremely valuable resource. Even if you’re not a lapbooks fan, you can use most of these graphics as timeline figures, for notebooking, or just to spice up any history reading.  And you know what? Doing a lapbook once in a while is really a lot of fun. It does offer a neat way for summarizing and learning.  Long after you children finish, you won’t stop contemplating the precious keepsakes they create.

Thank you so much Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool! This is sooo appreciated!


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Free American Revolution Unit Study Lapbook Homeschool

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