I compiled here a list of videos you can access for free if you are an Amazon Prime member.  There’s an assortment of publishers in this list but the theme is the same: The American Revolutionary War. Some videos, like the American History for Kids, is actually a series. It covers US History from colonial times through contemporary times.  I also included the HBO series, “John Adams,” which has gathered many positive reviews. I loved reading a grandma gifted these series to her 10 year-old granddaughter who shares her love of history.

These are all in our homeschool’s watchlist.  Still, please use with caution, especially if you have very young children at home.  War themed movies cannot help showing strong scenes sometimes.

free american revolutionary war videos

  1. American History for Kids
  2. History of American Revolution – A Documentary 
  3. The Growth Of Pre-Revolutionary America
  4. The American Revolution
  5. Rogers’ Rangers
  6. Pontiac
  7. Classic Firearms – Revolutionary War
  8. The Making Of America’S Presidency
  9. Proof Through The Night
  10. John Adams Series


If you’re interested, I am sharing a wonderful free unit study on the American Revolutionary War courtesy of TinasDynamicHomeschool.com.  You might not want to miss this fab resource!

Happy history watching!


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