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Rules and Laws

Moving Beyond the Page 6-8 – Concept 1, Unit 1, Lesson 12: Rules and Laws Today we studied laws, rules, consequences and authority. We classified situations in laws vs. rules, evaluating what kind of natural or authoritarian consequences each would yield. We played...

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Government and the People

Moving Beyond the Page 6-8 - Concept 1, Unit 1, Lesson 11: Government and the People Today we worked on Government and the People. We learned what it means to vote, to vote for leaders in the community, and to add votes. We also created a Government flowcart,...

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Communities Change

Moving Beyond the Page 6-8 – Concept 1, Unit 1, Lesson 10: Communities Change   Today we studied the meaning of history, natural resource and human resource. We learned how communities change as time goes on. MBtP selected the classic book "The Little House" by...

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Different Communities

Moving Beyond the Page 6-8 - Concept 1, Unit 1, Lesson 9: Different Communities Today we learned about the differences and similarities there exist among the communities of the world. AA picked Mexico for his country research (actually, he wanted to research all of...

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Customs and Holidays

Moving Beyond the Page 6-8 – Concept 1, Unit 1, Lesson 8: Customs and Holidays Today we learned about Patriotic Holidays, we studied the meaning of Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. We created the American flag, a book about holidays and briefly read and discussed...

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Moving up to Moving Beyond the Page 6-8

After trying Moving Beyond the Page 5-7 for a month, I finally heeded to what my husband --and I-- had thought all along: MBtP 5-7 was not the best fit for our son. It was just too easy for him. In an effort to make it work, I found myself scrambling to find materials...

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Words for Higher Thinking

After reading the book "Creative Home Schooling - A Resource Guide for Smart Families" by Lisa Rivero, I learned a great deal about homeschooling an inquisitive, intelligent child.  There are so many resources available out there. I am grateful that Ms. Rivero has put...

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Measuring and Charting Weather

Today we worked on Lesson 3: Measuring and Charting Weather from Moving Beyond the Page, 5-7 Curriculum. My son really enjoyed this lesson. We actually supplemented it with a thermometer construction craft that we used to predict the temperature.  He loved to move the...

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