Drawing Warm Ups Practice Sheets


Practical exercises to warm up your child’s drawing lessons. Inspired by the popular book Drawing with Children by Mona Brooks. These downloadable PDFs include the warm-ups, the mirror, and the match up exercises. Good to use with ANY drawing program!



Drawing Warm Ups Practice Sheets

Inspired by the popular Drawing with Children by Mona Brooks, I created these practice sheets to start off each of our drawing lessons at our homeschool.

Who’s It For?

Children ages 5-10

What’s Included?

  • Warm up exercises
  • Mirror exercises
  • Matching exercises
  • 40 pages in total
  • Blank pages included for your own creations

Why Buy?

Because these practice sheets will get you started with any drawing lesson, particularly if you’re using Drawing with Children, which many folks find it does not have a lesson-friendly format. And as we all know, often the hardest thing is to get started, once you get going, everything seems easier!

Thank you for visiting and happy drawing with children!!


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