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Hello and welcome to Raising a Self-Reliant Child!

We are a bilingual family of three homeschooling in Miami, Florida.  Our names are Roberto, Patricia and Super Hero.  We are writing about our journey homeschooling an intelligent, inquisitive and loving boy.  Just like every parent, we wish to guide our child during these formative years to help him become a confident, well rounded, and happy child.  We wish to keep learning about how to be better parents, how to listen more, observe more and love him more.  We wish to hopefully guide him by example, rather than by disciplining him. We wish to hopefully inspire him to develop himself into what he’s meant to be, rather than by talking him into it.

An important part of our son’s education is homeschooling. Something that seemed so unusual and odd at first, but that we’ve come to love and appreciate so much.  It’s definitely a family endeavor, one for which we’ve fallen head over heels.  We love spending time together as a family reading, running experiments, playing games, laughing, exploring and discovering, or re-discovering for some of us, the joy of learning.  We feel it’s such a gift to get to share Super Hero’s childhood this way.

Thank you for stopping by. We hope there’s something here you’ll find helpful in your own efforts to raise a self-reliant child!   We also hope you visit often, and please leave a comment so we can get to know you better too!


Roberto, Patricia & Super Hero

homeschooling in miami, florida
I love homeschooling because it’s fun to learn with my mom and dad, and I get to learn whatever I want, wherever I want, and take breaks whenever I want!
Super Hero

6 years old (when we began homeschooling)

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