My Journal of Appreciation


I very much appreciate the lovely women who have taken the time to share in their blogs and Squidoo lenses about the goodness of the Charlotte Mason ideas that are resonating with me. Before I even read about exposing children to the beautiful artworks of the world, that’s exactly what I had thought of wanting to do. Talk about timing! I so feel called to awaken within Super Hero -and myself- the appreciation for the most beautiful things that brilliant minds have created throughout the history of humankind. I love this idea of studying brilliant artists for a feast to the eye and to the ear. I appreciate Charlotte Mason poured her heart and love of children into writing the books that are now inspiring so many to instill respect and appreciation for the children and their young, talented minds.

I absolutely feel compelled to follow these guidelines. I’m excited about figuring out the hows and the whens and the wheres to include this into our homeschool and come up with more ways to awaken Super Hero’s very own passions and joys.

I so appreciate the Internet for the way it has made information so available to all of us. Gorgeous images, ideas, videos, how-to’s… So much to learn, to explore, to discover. I appreciate my computer, my monitors, my printers, my stack of colored paper. I appreciate our art room, our pencils, our markers, our metallic markers, metallic pencils, ebony pencils, charcoal pencils, watercolors, acrylic paints, soft chalk pastels, oil pastels and so many beautiful supplies ready for us to start creating lovely works at our homeschool.

I appreciate the brilliant books, the notebooks, the PDFs, the booklets, and all of the materials that other talented and caring minds have put together to enhance our experiences this very moment. Moment by moment.



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